The hot heat in St. George finally got to the best of my sprinkler clock.  The LCD display got baked to the point that I couldn't read the display any more. It was time to replace the sprinkler clock. We have 12 stations that it controls.  I went to Lowes and found a decent replacement for about $120.

Then I started thinking -- wouldn't it be cool if I could use my Raspberry Pi to control my sprinklers? After a little bit of googling I found this project:

I purchased two of Ray's OpenSprinkler boards and connected my Raspberry Pi to it. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked out of the box, first try.

All in all, I spent about $150 for the setup, which is just a little more than I would have spent on a generic Orbit or Rainbird sprinkler system.  But now I can do some really cool things with a web based sprinkler system.

Right now I have a python script that runs on a cron job to water the lawn every morning.  I look forward to doing a few more cool things to it like:

  • Automatically turning on the front lawn sprinklers as I approach the house after a long run on Saturdays. It would be very refreshing to be able to walk into the sprinklers after being hot and sweaty. I usually run with my phone in my water belt so I'd have have the phone or the home Wifi network respond to an event to turn on the sprinklers in the front.
  • A nice web-based interface would be nice to manage schedules
  • Run the sprinklers every day when the temperature gets above 100 degrees. Otherwise, water every other day
  • IFTTT integration
  • Have the management for the system run in the cloud, and the cloud be the "server" and the raspberry pi be the client.  That way I don't have to worry about poking a hole through my NAT router at home.
  • Mine some bitcoins (the Rasperry Pi is idle for 98% of the day, :) )


My hope is to create a nice front end for this project and release it as open source.

If you had an Internet-connected sprinkler system, what things would you like it do?