I'm reading (listening) to a book called The One Thing. Here are the nuggets I've learned from this book so far:

  • Getting one thing done well is better than having many things undone or not done well. This means needing to ignore other demands to focus on the one and most important thing.
  • The Domino Effect. There's leverage. Doing one thing can lead to another, and then to another. Find the dominos and put them in order.
  • The Prado Principle. 80% of your success comes from 20% of your efforts. Discover what the "20%" is and focus on just that.
  • Not everything you do has equal impact. The message of the book is to focus hard on the things that make the biggest impact towards achieving your goals, and let the other things go. This applies to your career. For family life, health, and other things, you need to keep those things going though.
  • I liked the concept of blocking 4 hours a day on focusing on the high impact items.
  • You need to think big. You can only grow as large as you let your mind expand to.