I'm trying to fill a position for a Director of Client Service.  (if you know of anyone great, please let me know :) ).  Our current receptionist is moving away to California (husband got a job with the military) so we're looking for someone else there. I thought you would like this story.

To find the right candidate, I thought I'd cast my net as wide as I can. So I put job ads up everywhere and in one week got 55 applications.  We picked 15 of the best applicants and we're inviting them in for interviews this week. Now, I don't have time to interview 15 people.  So we're doing "group interviews". We're bringing them in groups of 5 at a time and my coworkers are assisting with the interview process.  We have a system, it's like "speed dating" but for interviewing. We each spend 10 minutes with the person, and then switch. My coworkers and I prepared our questions in advance so we don't ask the same question twice. We also bring them all together and answer their questions, as many of them likely have the same questions so that saves time.  Then after the interviews, we deliberate and eliminate more candidates.  By the end of our group interviews, we'll know who to invite back for a second interview and spend more time getting to know those individuals. :)