I had a fantastic experience last week. I mentioned on Facebook that we’re looking for another sales person and I got a response from my friend Jason saying he’ll be happy to fill the sales role.  He was recently laid off from his job at Valpack.  We went out to lunch. He said that the way I should run a sales team is to pay on commission.  That evening, at Father’s & Sons, I talked with Shane Callihan in our ward.  He told me the same thing - do commission-based sales for best results.  On Saturday I talked to Derek Jones, and he said the same thing.  I’m convinced that commission-based sales is the best way to go.

I’ve been afraid to do commission based sales because I don’t want my sales staff to sell things we don’t have or to oversell.  Derek helped me realize that those sorts of things will get sales folks fired and explain that it’s not part of the process.  I also learned that it would be good to have regular training and checkins in the office.  I also did the math -- on a good month, I’m paying my current sales guy the same amount I would a commission sales person. There's really no incentive for him to put in that extra umph.  So I shouldn’t be afraid about commission sales.

Here’s hoping to a better way to run a company!

Since this time, I've put a lot of thought into ideas to motivate other members of my team.  Do any of my readers have suggestions on how to motivate a team of programmers?